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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dog days of summer

Clearly, I have not been a very attentive blogger! Here I am again posting MONTHS after the last post! Oh well.

Things have been going well at the Fauerbach house. Both boys finished off another year of school, Bryce in May and Hayes in June. Can not believe that come September Bryce will be in his last year of preschool and Hayes will be in the 1st grade!

We have been enjoying our summer. Celebrated Hayes' 6th birthday at Chuck E Cheese with friends. He had a great time!

Then moved on to a great week of Vacation Bible School at church. We all had a great time at "Galactic Blast!" Left for a trip to Townsend, TN the day after VBS finished for a Sudduth family reunion. It was an amazing 4th of July weekend reconnecting with such a great family. We had such a fun weekend and were blessed to be able to see so much of our extended family in one place!

Hayes then spent a week on his own with my parents, Nana & Granddaddy. He had so much fun being the center of attention. :)
Bryce and I went up to PA and celebrated his 4th birthday there.

Then Chris & I went to NYC for a friends wedding which was a great time.

After all that moving around, we have been home enjoying the summer. Going to the pool and hanging out. Hayes took an art class, which he loved. We think we have a budding artist on our hands. The picture is one of my favorites from the week.

We spent the weekend at the river with our good friends the Siegel's last weekend and had such a great time! Always fun with them. :)

We are looking forward to finishing out the summer in the next few weeks! Time has just flown. Chris will be doing his 2nd running race this weekend and I will be participating in my first Sprint Triathlon in a couple of weeks! Lots to look forward to. :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I never would have guessed that the Richmond area would have 2 significant snow falls in 1 winter, but here we are again with almost a foot of snow on the ground! We had another big storm back in December, that we actually missed because we were up in PA visiting Nana & Granddaddy. The snow started late Friday night and continued all through the day Saturday. It has shut the Richmond area down!

The boys were very excited to wake up Saturday morning to snow on the ground, but after spending a little time out in it yesterday they both wanted to come in. Unfortunately, it's VERY cold outside so not great for playing. We are hoping it will warm up a little more today, so they can go out and enjoy it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A year long break!!!!?

Well, I had not intended to take a year long break from the blog, but looks like that is exactly what I did!

Let me see if I can get myself back on track.

I guess the best thing to do would be to do a quick recap of what we have been up to over the past year.

So, I guess I will start with Chris & I.

Chris-After working at Technatomy for 2 years, has recently changed jobs and is now working for Morton Consulting. He is currently working on a project for an insurance company in Richmond, where he has more responsibilities and is in a more managerial position. So far he seems to be really enjoying the new position. He has also started the new year off as a member of the Staff Parish Relations committee at our church and is still singing in the choir as well as being a part of the men's quartet.

Leigh Ann-Continues to be a stay-at-home mom and still enjoying it! Is enjoying a little more one on one time with Bryce, since Hayes is now in school full-time. Still running and working up to a half-marathon, which I hope to accomplish this fall! Currently a member of the Children's Council at church, where I have been helping to lead some small groups for the children and really enjoying it!

Hayes-Now 5 1/2 years old, Hayes started Kindergarten at Swift Creek Elementary School in September 2009. He really loves school and seems to be thriving there. Hayes also played soccer through the Upward organization in the fall and will be playing again in the spring! Soccer seems to be his sport of choice. :) At church he took part in the Christmas Cantata and played the part of a shepherd as well as sang with the Children's choir. Hayes is our little intellect and is always craving more information which he just soaks up!

Bryce-Now 3 1/2 years old, Bryce is in his 2nd year at New Life United Methodist Preschool. He is a member of the Busy Bee class and really enjoys school. He just finished up his last session at The Little Gym, where he took a Sports Skills class. He seems to be enjoying having some alone time with Mommy while Hayes is at school, but definitely misses Hayes and is happy to see him at the bus stop at the end of the day. Bryce is our little drama boy and is constantly making us laugh!

I think that should do for a basic recap. I will hopefully be on here again soon to keep this better updated!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wanted to share pictures from Hayes' christmas pageant at church. Hopefully we will have a video to share soon too! Hayes did a great job singing and had fun too! Unfortunately, he was a little sick so he decided he needed to hold a tissue the whole time! Not a big deal though. The pageant was really nice, the kids did a great job.

The boys and I are in PA now getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Chris will be heading north later this morning on the train. We are looking forward to Christmas Eve tonight and celebrating with Nana & Granddaddy at their church. Hayes is especially excited that tonight Santa will come!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas is coming................

Our house is all a flutter with the thought of Christmas fast approaching. This is the first year that Hayes is really getting the whole Christmas experience. He made a Christmas countdown chain at school and never forgets to cut off a ring each night. He even wrote a letter to Santa and got a response! :)

We put our Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving and the boys really enjoyed putting on the ornaments. We are trying to enjoy all of our christmas decorations for the next 2 weeks, since we will be spending the week of Christmas in Pennsylvania at Nana & Granddaddy's. We are all very excited about this, since it has been 2 years since we have been able to share Christmas Day with Nana & Granddaddy. :)

We know many people forget the true meaning of Christmas with all the hype that happens this time of year, but we are trying hard to keep that true meaning alive at our house. Hayes and I have been talking about Jesus and why Christmas is the celebration of his birth. He was a little confused as to what Santa had to do with it all, but I explained to him that Santa is the spirit of giving and he seemed satisfied with that. :)

We are all eagerly anticipating Hayes' debut in the church Christmas pageant on December 14th. He will be singing with the childrens choir and is quite excited about it. :)

We hope you all are having wonderful holiday seasons!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We are getting ready for Thanksgiving now. On Friday, November 21st, Hayes' preschool had a Thanksgiving Feast! It was all the 4 year old classes. The kids performed a few songs all decked out in the Native American gear they created at school and then we all ate together and had fellowship. It was a great time. Hayes did such a great job singing, we were all very proud. :) Bryce especially loved clapping and pointing at Hayes during the performance!

For Thanksgiving we will be having dinner at Mom Mom & Pop's house here in Richmond. Hayes is very excited, but mostly because he knows there will be pumpkin pie! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008


This is a little late in coming, but the boys had a great Halloween. Both of them loved putting on their costumes and trick or treating. We stopped by our friends house for a quick visit and then did the houses in our cul-de-sac, it was just enough for the boys. Hayes also participated in a parade and party at his preschool.